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"Never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress" Elsa Schiaparelli

H&M Studio AW14 H&M Studio AW14

H&M STUDIO launched their high fashion collection, presented for the first time during Paris Fashion Week in February 2014. As usual, a big hit, the pre-sale event was a big hit, as the collection itself. Besides the effortlessly cool and charming style of the collection, where feminine meets masculine, all things ...

Postcard from Sweden Postcard from Sweden

We travel to Sweden few times per year and every summer we take 1 week vacation there. And if we are lucky, like this time, to have great weather, nothing compares to swedish summer. The most unbelievable blue-sky, blue ocean, wonderful boats, great food and beautiful people everywhere.  This time we enjoyed 10 ...

Plant-based diet - Day VI Plant-based diet - Day VI

DAY SIX   Starting the week perfectly motivated fore some more delicious plant-based food. This is how my Monday looked like.    

Plant-based diet - Day V Plant-based diet - Day V

It’s good to be back home a enjoy fresh and healhty food! And these raw spring-rolls were a dream!    

Plant-based diet - Day IV Plant-based diet - Day IV

    Being away from home, in the middle of nowhere in the mountains I kind of had to eat from the food my family bought, so to stick with my plant-based diet this was reduced to vegetables only. Not so fun and not so filly either. And not really worth taking pictures of so I will make a very short brief of ...

Plant-based diet - Day III Plant-based diet - Day III

I’m a bit delayed with my postings because I had a signal-free weekend...Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and try to disconnect from your daily activities, and especially from your work with emails social media, etc.     

Plant-based diet - Day II Plant-based diet - Day II

My second day of plant-based diet went very well especially for lunch cause I made the best cream-soup ever, I recommend you try it too!  

Plant-based diet - Day I Plant-based diet - Day I

No news I’m a vegetarian. And my diet is mostly base on plants, but I also eat cheese (goat), eggs and fish from time to time. So yes, I eat healthy and clean, but it’ always fun to start a program and keep a certain diet. At least I find it fun, it makes me anxious about what I have to eat today, how I ...

My feature in The One magazine My feature in The One magazine

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to be invited by The One magazine to give an interview in their “Style reference” section. Of course I was ecstatic!    Their cool and relaxed fashion director Andreea Macri, payed me a visit at home where, after a nice chat about children&food, we shoot some ...

Press features - Elle magazine Press features - Elle magazine

Thank you Elle magazine for selecting me as one of the fashion blogger you should folllow!

Press features - Harper's Bazaar magazine II Press features - Harper's Bazaar magazine II

My second article for the magazine - Training Confessions - was more concentrated on my type of workouts, how I train, what music motivates me and what I wear in the gym. HERE you can read the article.

My Thailand My Thailand

As you might now I just came back from my winter vacation in Thailand. I know it’s spring but the truth is I started packing my bags way before Christmas but with a very hectic schedule at the office we had to postpone it until recently. So I still think at it as my winter vacation, a very long waited ...


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