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"Never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress" Elsa Schiaparelli

Plant-based diet - Day VI Plant-based diet - Day VI

DAY SIX   Starting the week perfectly motivated fore some more delicious plant-based food. This is how my Monday looked like.    

Plant-based diet - Day V Plant-based diet - Day V

It’s good to be back home a enjoy fresh and healhty food! And these raw spring-rolls were a dream!    

Plant-based diet - Day IV Plant-based diet - Day IV

    Being away from home, in the middle of nowhere in the mountains I kind of had to eat from the food my family bought, so to stick with my plant-based diet this was reduced to vegetables only. Not so fun and not so filly either. And not really worth taking pictures of so I will make a very short brief of ...

Plant-based diet - Day III Plant-based diet - Day III

I’m a bit delayed with my postings because I had a signal-free weekend...Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and try to disconnect from your daily activities, and especially from your work with emails social media, etc.     

Plant-based diet - Day II Plant-based diet - Day II

My second day of plant-based diet went very well especially for lunch cause I made the best cream-soup ever, I recommend you try it too!  

Plant-based diet - Day I Plant-based diet - Day I

No news I’m a vegetarian. And my diet is mostly base on plants, but I also eat cheese (goat), eggs and fish from time to time. So yes, I eat healthy and clean, but it’ always fun to start a program and keep a certain diet. At least I find it fun, it makes me anxious about what I have to eat today, how I ...

My feature in The One magazine My feature in The One magazine

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to be invited by The One magazine to give an interview in their “Style reference” section. Of course I was ecstatic!    Their cool and relaxed fashion director Andreea Macri, payed me a visit at home where, after a nice chat about children&food, we shoot some ...

Press features - Elle magazine Press features - Elle magazine

Thank you Elle magazine for selecting me as one of the fashion blogger you should folllow!

Press features - Harper's Bazaar magazine II Press features - Harper's Bazaar magazine II

My second article for the magazine - Training Confessions - was more concentrated on my type of workouts, how I train, what music motivates me and what I wear in the gym. HERE you can read the article.

My Thailand My Thailand

As you might now I just came back from my winter vacation in Thailand. I know it’s spring but the truth is I started packing my bags way before Christmas but with a very hectic schedule at the office we had to postpone it until recently. So I still think at it as my winter vacation, a very long waited ...

Home-made almond milk Home-made almond milk

Many of you asked how I make the almond milk. So here it is! I usually make almond milk twice per week because I use it almost every breakfast except the weekends when I usually make something fancier like eggs florentine (like I did this morning)  

Going NUTS and other healthy pleasures Going NUTS and other healthy pleasures

From fashion to cooking?! Yes you might think this girl is nuts, or what?  Well I am actually, like with almonds, cashew and other nuts! I mean, we are what we eat, right?        


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