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"Never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress" Elsa Schiaparelli


With a 2 days delay I wish you HNY...why am I always late??!! I guess being on time was not my New Year's resolution!  But as usual I have an excuse and this time is partying too much...hehehe. Yes we had a great party at our place, then moved to Fratelli and after-party somewhere else..I don't really ...

Street Styles of 2012 Street Styles of 2012

I already posted an album on my facebook page with my favorite looks from the street style pictures of 2012 and why I choose them but I thought I should have a proof here too, just in know, this is very imp inspirations for me...ah looking at them now I just feel like spending my whole day inside the ...

Christmas Market shopping Christmas Market shopping

Here comes my 3 days delayed Merry Christmas! And I cannot lie saying I was very busy, I was most of the time doing...well, nothing, besides the usual stuff we do around the holidays and off course being sick. Something new though I did and might have caused this blogging delay was to take pics with the camera instead ...

Hair obsession is back!! HELP!!! Hair obsession is back!! HELP!!!

Remember when I was all happy and pleased with my HAIR...well those days are gone...and the sweet temptation for making a change keeps on haunting me... as usual I have many ideas in my head, but one seems to stick really bad...tell me, am I crazy to try this??!! I guess we'll find out tomorrow and that of course, ...

the pursuit of the perfect leather jacket the pursuit of the perfect leather jacket

Pls guys, is there a cure for shopaholism? I really mean it! Especially when you are in Stockholm and you find at least 5 super yummy leather jackets that you cannot take your eyes&hands off. anyway there comes a time when a girl needs to decide so this is what I did too!  but before that this is what I had ...

Absolut Unique with Ana Absolut Unique with Ana

Just wanted to thank my friend, fashion blogger Ana Morodan, for picking me as her first choice for the unique blogger in the Absolut Unique project - you can read more about it and follow her wicked fashionable adventures on her blog


Very happy with my today's all denim 90's the back to school nerdy look & red hot lips contrast! I'm wearing Dr Martens boots, Nude jeans, H&M shirt and Lady Danger MAC lipstick

Burning beauty by LaChapelle Burning beauty by LaChapelle

Not to feel all that shallow talking only fashion, I have to say that the best thing I've seen in Stockholm was the exhibition of David LaChapelle "Burning beauty". I am fascinated by the surrealism and I see LaChapelle like a Dali that actually brings in his studio all this real people&objects and makes them look ...

Coming home for Christmas Coming home for Christmas

Hello my darlings, I have been away from my daily blogging activity, but cannot complaint too much since I had a lovely week in Stockholm. But now, on my way back home, with a 5 hours wait in Schipol I get some time to catch up with my posts...    

Christmas shopping Christmas shopping

So I arrived on Tue night in Stockholm, tones of snow, big storm, just lovely! But I was sort of expecting yesterday I decided to spent the day home, in the cozy apartment in Gamla Stan (Old town). Eventually after lots of chatting, web-surfing and tea I decided to move my...self out in the cold and do some ...

In the garage In the garage

This is from last Thu evening, after coming back from the Emporio Armani and Osho events. Was in a good mood, apparently :) (must have been the wine I had at Osho) Soon I will come back with the official pics. I was wearing H&M skirt&bustier, Flavia Stoian over-knee boots, Acne leather jacket and ...

This is how I want to look! This is how I want to look!

Very into this Balmain look right now! I have 2 skirts that will do: one from leather from H&M (which was actually knee lenght but I made it shorter and one from Herve Leger which I never wore and it's about time taking into consideration how much I payed for it. And I might just buy a jaquard one I saw this ...


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