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"Never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress" Elsa Schiaparelli

Home-made almond milk Home-made almond milk

Many of you asked how I make the almond milk. So here it is! I usually make almond milk twice per week because I use it almost every breakfast except the weekends when I usually make something fancier like eggs florentine (like I did this morning)  

Going NUTS and other healthy pleasures Going NUTS and other healthy pleasures

From fashion to cooking?! Yes you might think this girl is nuts, or what?  Well I am actually, like with almonds, cashew and other nuts! I mean, we are what we eat, right?        

Nothing BEATS the BEET Nothing BEATS the BEET

Reading the latest article from the blog gave me the idea to share my love for veggies with you! I might not wear too much colors but my plate is full of them! Today I will pick one of my favorites this season - THE BEETROOT    

BAG dilemma for 2014 BAG dilemma for 2014

It seems like once per year, about the same time, I get a bag crave. But looking now at my posts I realized this crave never gets satisfied...I NEVER get the bag! So I this crave real or am I just bored with my accessories? Or the grey wether outside, that might not be it since as you can see my top 3 ...

Best of 2013 Best of 2013

Choosing now the best moments from 2013 among my picture I realized how quickly this year passed! It feels like yesterday when we partied and embraced 2103 together with friends and family. And tonight’s New Year party we’ll be the same, if not better! And this is what we all wish, a better year, ...

Double personality Double personality

Lately I’ve been debating between the schoolgirl or femme fatale style.  And for me these looks from Saint Laurent pre-fall ’13 are the closest to perfection! So risking to be a bit outdated (most of fashionistas have been already showing off their resort outfits far on some exotic beach) I will take ...

W by World Class is LIVE W by World Class is LIVE

OMG again 2 weeks passed...this is outrageous I admit!  But from now on I will go back to my normal rhythm and that’s because we have finally launched our latest project - the blog W by World Class.      You can check the blog here

When the shop has to stop? When the shop has to stop?

Oh I hope this will not become a habit...writing every 2 weeks, but I am preparing another surprise we have been working for the last few months and it takes almost all my stay tune and soon I’ll share it with you    

#1st issue of W by World Class magazine #1st issue of W by World Class magazine

Almost two weeks of silence...not good, not good at all.    But I had good reasons and hopefully this sneak peek of W by World Class magazine will make up for it.   I will start by telling you a bit about the idea behind this new project which came from a need that both us and World Class team felt ...


I just realized that some of my favorites ingredients start with a C, like cumin, coriander, cardamon, chickpeas, chili. So you’ll see a lot of that in my recipes.  Anyway I found this amazing recipes on one of the blogs I follow, and gave it a try. And it was divine! Hope ...

Living the kind life Living the kind life

I have been busy lately with showing you all sorts of frivolous things like clothes&clothes. But let’s get back to the real business and talk about how we feed ourselves.   I’ve been meaning to make this statement for a while now and it’s not because of uncertainty I’ve waited, just ...

Isabel Marant pour H&M - FINAL OBJECTS OF DESIRE Isabel Marant pour H&M - FINAL OBJECTS OF DESIRE
12.11.2013 I have been dreaming a lot for the last 2 weeks of the objects of desire from the Isabel Marant pour H&M...but reality stroke TODAY, when is the PREVIEW of the collection!  So I had to decide what will be my BUDGET for this shopping experience because to be honest now, even if I count both Christmas ...


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