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"Never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress" Elsa Schiaparelli


I have been working now for few months for this big project that has to do with healthy living, how to stay in shape and be beautiful&fashionable and it’s really really fun! So I’m very excited to show it to you! In between this I was also doing all the shootings for our lovely magazine that is in ...

Back to BLACK Back to BLACK

Don't know what happened if it's because of the wether outside or just for now reason but I got this crazy obsession to only wearing black. Would that be a problem? I remember once I saw this gorgeous swedish girl in the BLK DENIM store in Stockholm, wearing black jeans, black Pistol Acne boots, black sweater with her ...

once upon a summer once upon a summer

Summer-Sun-Sea...Seams so far away...So I figured this pictures from Mykonos could keep me warm on such a cloudy Sunday...

Isabel Marant pour H&M Isabel Marant pour H&M

The news about Isabel Marant being the next guest designer at H&M stroke us all effortless-chic-freaks. Now they have FINALLY released the pictures. And it’s not a premonition, it’s a fact - now we can all finally see how our dressing will look like after the launch of the collection in November.

The bohemian luxury The bohemian luxury

I promised to come back with a detailed post about the hotel we stayed in Mykonos, San Giorgio a very special place, exactly my style which was one of the main reasons we decided to go to Mykonos.     

Mykonos-Day 1 Mykonos-Day 1

My summer vacation didn’t really turn out as planned but was super nice anyway. The plan was to go in August to Mykonos, together with some friends, rent a nice villa, relax during the days on the beach, lots of dine&wine and party in the nights. After all we were going to the most cosmopolitan, the ...

fashion&friends fashion&friends

It’s just great when your work is your passion and your colleagues are your friends. Tomorrow I’ll be off to Mykonos so it was mandatory to stop by my two favorite showrooms to say hello to some wonderful ladies and choose some new pieces to take with me in my vacation.  

My first triathlon My first triathlon

Yes, I am still alive...I know I haven’t been too active lately on the blog and trust me I suffer a great deal..but, as always there is a reason behind my absence... I’ve been and actually still am working for an important project I hope all of you healthy-lifestyle lovers will appreciate! So stay tuned ...

Andy Tauer and his fragrant world Andy Tauer and his fragrant world

Few months ago I had the pleasure to meet Andy Tauer at the HIEROGAMIE event. Such a nice person, very friendly and open to share his experiences and a very talented artist. Well he has made one of my favorite perfumes, the spicy L'air du desert marocain, so you can understand why I like the guy :)  Andy says ...

The BODRUM Escape The BODRUM Escape

My latest weekend escape was in Bodrum, Turkey together with M and our good friends Niklas&Dana. I enjoyed so much, very cozy place with lots of restaurants right by the beach, great food (the calamari and the salads were absolutely delicious - and that was what I ate almost every day)   We were lucky to ...

Mix&Match Cruciani bracelets on the beach Mix&Match Cruciani bracelets on the beach

Last weekend I was super anxious to wear my new dress from Isabel Marant on the beach, which I accessorized with the hat I bought in St Tropez and of course, lots of bracelets from Cruciani. Lately I have been trying different models from them, depending on my mood. They have different symbols and I’m really into ...

Modern Grace Kelly Modern Grace Kelly



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