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"Never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress" Elsa Schiaparelli

Opening of Patrizia Pepe Opening of Patrizia Pepe

This is from last night at the opening of the first Patrizia Pepe store in Bucharest at Baneasa Shopping City. Being stil in the black&white mood I found this pair of pants that I could definitely wear happily this summer ;) I was wearing Isabel Marant boots, Mango jeans, Zadig&voltaire shirt and Marc ...

black&white dreams black&white dreams

I'm so longing for the summer and mostly for the summer fashion.  I see myself in white minimalistic urban looks (like this one by Jil Sander) during the day and sexy black sleek dresses in the nights (of course looking as fit and slim as Erin in this amazing dress by Wang)...most probably this won't happen but ...

Moroccan Oil Moroccan Oil

Last week I’ve been invited to the launch of Moroccanoil in Romania. I first heard about the product from my blogger-idol Elin Kling and of course I bought it first time I went to Stockholm. They have several products and I choose the Light version of the treatment. I will be honest to say that after I used it ...

Conscious as a life-style Conscious as a life-style

Super excited about the weather outside! I can see it, feel it, smell it! The spring is officially here! And soon Bfresh Spring edition will be out! As usual you will find it in World Class clubs and some of the main events of the season.   Until then, here are some BTS pics from a great projects I did this ...

Black and White Black and White

Working on my editor's choice for Bfresh Spring edition decided to look for my fav black&white street style looks..there you go, now you know the theme...well it's not like it's a big secret but usually I keep it low before the magazine comes out. Anyway thinking bout my theme was sure that even though it's a big ...

Girl Crush Girl Crush

I have been looking for it, had few but not quite like this one. This one might be perfect! I love her hair, her face, her body, her attitude and her style. Yes, she the one! My GIRL CRUSH: Aline Weber Maybe I should also go for the alienish blonde eyebrows...

All in ONE All in ONE

This post could definitely be placed in all categories of this blog: It's ABOUT ME, both FIT and FASHION, was a great ESCAPE and I have a strong OPINION about being probably one of the funnest things I've done until now. This is, as always, just a sneak peek and soon I will come with the big picture! Until then ...

inspiration - the turquoise foam bath inspiration - the turquoise foam bath

I like experimenting unusual self portraits. I have several series and this one was made in Nov 12. The inspiration came to me while I was taking an herb-bath and saw the bright turquoise color of the water mixing together with the white foam and thought it could make such an appealing picture.  Yesterday I ...

sneak peek of my new project@fitforfashion sneak peek of my new project@fitforfashion

Hello there...just finished a photo shooting for...well I cannot say yet! But soon! So I can't wait to surprize you with my new project I have been working at lately. This is just a sneak peak of make-up(Ana Mironescu) & hair(George Soare) ...soon will come the outfits

Brilliant mushrooms Brilliant mushrooms

I found these funny looking mushrooms in Mega Image few days ago. Never heard about them before so I thought to give them a try. They are perfect for my diet, you can eat them raw in salads giving a mild and crunchy taste. I also cooked them in stir-fries and had the feeling I was eating noodles, so I think these ...

VIPs in the gym VIPs in the gym

this is from Mon morning when I had a very fun shooting of "VIPs in the gym" with Paul&Ioana in their favorite World Class club from America House. More pics in Bfresh, soon to come!

The witches from Saint Laurent The witches from Saint Laurent

Oh my goodness I've been spelled by the witchy-chic look of Saint Laurent! I want it all, all in my wardrobe: Le Smoking hot, pussy-bow sheer shirts, studded pumps, the floor-sweeping full-sleeve dresses and yes, the fedora hat!  I can definetly see myself with my new haircut and the hat, ...


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