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"Never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress" Elsa Schiaparelli

Dark confessions Dark confessions

just came back from Pas du tout showroom and had to share the amazing clothes Madalina Dorobantu, the creator of the brand, showed to me. I visit her to show me her latest collection, tell me all about her first&successful experience at the fair Who's Next in Paris and of find some things for ...

Can I be Geek Chic? Can I be Geek Chic?

I have been wearing contact lenses for years but sometimes i just want them off my eyes. So today I finally got an eye appointment!  I have this pair of Chanel glasses for more than 2 years I bought in Florence. I like their look but I'm just not 100% sure are the right ones for me. And I love how Anna Selezneva ...

delicious lunch delicious lunch

Just made a delicious healthy lunch...ok, i admit there was some carbs in it.  So now I wonder...does the forbidden "fruit" always tastes better?

I'm Unique No. 3 685 908 I'm Unique No. 3 685 908

I received a special gift from ABSOLUT not long ago and I'm proud to be part of the Unique people that own their Unique bottle. One of a kind, mine is No 3 685 908!  


Was going through my pictures and decided to post some with details of my ink. What do you think, is 7 the lucky number? Or should I get more? :P

Dilemma of the evening Dilemma of the evening

I KNOW I NEED a simple black every-day bag. No studs, no zippers no chains. Just plain black. And preferably has to be light. So i guess a shopper will do! And of course I already have few choices in my mind...plz help me out here!

Weekend workout&diet Weekend workout&diet

I was actually planning to tell you more about how great my diet&training program is but today is not my best day so far…Im really tired and have a bit of headache. And I'm suppose to train like in 1 hour so I better have some snacks before (cheese&nuts) Anyway I don't want to depress anyone so I will ...

The woMEN at Men's Fashion Week The woMEN at Men's Fashion Week

I was checking the street style photos from Men's Paris Fashion Week and was wondering, is there a silent dress-code that women have to wear menly outfits? Yes or no, I totally dig it, here are few of my favorites:

Delicious no carbs dinner Delicious no carbs dinner

Yesterday was not my best day, i started feeling tired, headaches, but I'm the only one to blame and that's because I didn't drink enough water and didn't eat my snacks. Reason why I couldn't train so now I have to recuperate this weekend. Maybe better in a way, I mean with this kind of lifestyle it's not like weekends ...

The big grey The big grey

If you want to know which is my favorite color I’ll say black, but then you’ll ask why I wear grey every day?! That’s because grey is my second favorite color and I keep my first for special occasions!  So today I wore a mix of tones of my second fav color with a twist of print...animal ...

the first 3 days of my new life the first 3 days of my new life

Photo by Gabriel Hennessey, shot in World Class Downtown You might think I bailed out you and my healthy program. Oh nooo, no, no!!! On Mon I started as planned my new program with training and diet, and here it is!    HOW I TRAIN: 3 days/week (Mon/Wed/Fri) I work out in the gym, mostly STRENGHT for ...


I started this blog with a combination of passion for fashion and a healthy lifestyle which means staying fit eating healthy and being active. The name said it all - fit for fashion - and I took the quote of a fashion fit icon, Elsa Schiaparelli "never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress" ...


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