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about me


me in 1980: was born on Christmas Eve, my favorite day of the year

me in 1994-1999: high school rebel & wild child

me in 2002-2004: finished the university and moved to Bucharest to follow my music call, was part of Star Factory TV Show and sang together with a rock band, Krypton

me in 2004-2007: worked for various magazines (children, students,women&men)

me in 2007: started my media agency, The Red Carpet

me in 2009: became editor-in-chief and creative director for Bfresh magazine

me in 2011: started my blog,

me & fashion have been friends since i was about 7 and asked my mother (she is a shoes designer) to make me a pair of over-the-knee black suede boots to wear for my first day of school

me & music have a special connection and will always be my unfulfilled dream

me & fitness met when I was 25 and I became addicted to a healthy lifestyle

me & M, Miss K, my family and friends are my life me & fitforfashion is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between me and myself and everything that surrounds us


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