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BIO Mushrooming in Stockholm

BIO Mushrooming in Stockholm

Saturday in Stockholm...


Hmmm first thing that pops up in my mind is brunch at the coolest restaurant in town, Urban Deli (where we couldn’t get a table...still suffering about that) followed by some shopping at Acne and finish with a glass of Chardonnay at Nobis Hotel


Yes this is how a usual afternoon in the city looks like! But not this one, this one was more of a rural one. 


We drove for about 10 minutes from the house to find ourselves right in a big wild forest.  All the senses got alert: seeing the beautiful autumn colors, smelling the fresh air and listening to lisp of the leaves, ramies cracking and birds singing. 

All dressed up for a chilly but active day we followed Eili, my mother-in-law that took us to her special place where she always finds mushrooms. And so we did. I can tell you if in the beginning I found it a bit boring and not so comfortable since you always have to go down on your knees, especially with the mushrooms being pretty small you can’t see them from further than 30 cm above ground. But it becomes fun when from not seeing any, once you get close you see one after another, hidden under leaves or stones. And this is when it starts getting addictive. I mean once you realize you are surrounded by them you cannot stop. And it also gets competitive, who finds the area with the most mushrooms, who picks up faster. But when you realize there are other people doing the same thing around you this is when it gets completely crazy and you find yourself shouting: Hey did you see all those big mushrooms like 1 mile away from here!” 

Yes so this is what we did for about 2 hours when Eili said, “Ok, I think this is enough. I will do the cleaning and it take much longer than picking them”


And it was a lot as you can see in the picture and we got 2 of those baskets full of bio chantarelle we decided to give her a hand...

and didn't know it's such a meticulous process

after we left them to dry...

So I guess you know what I’ll be cooking this winter 

Here is my first BIO MUSHROOM meal


what do you think?


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