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Flashback Thailand - week 1

Flashback Thailand - week 1

I do have many things to share with you…but since my dear Mac doesn't have a space for the camera card…would be a bit useless just to write without posting any pics, right? 

So i guess i have to wait until i get home…that was not the plan though

I can post fews pics i took with M's phone, mine takes really bad ones

Note to myself: buy the iPhone 4

Meanwhile I have decided to post the retrospective of the week with most interesting things that this you can follow my schedule but i can also take some time off...we have a deal? :)


Let's sea - had a very nice lunch; this is one of my favorite places in Hua Hin. it's a hotel with spa and restaurant. 

Funny to see the differences between this two pictures


dec 2011


first time i was here - dec 2006


I would say not too many, lucky me!! :) But what do you say?


Dumplings - all you can eat

Hagi is my second favorite place in Hua Hin. I invited my parents in law for dinner for my birthday. 

It's the best Japanese restaurant and that night had a great buffet. We ate a looot!




B'day girl - started the day with champaign, roses, presents, took the moped into the town in the afternoon and end the day with a lovely Christmas dinner with the family.

More pics from the dinner will come!


The Bacchus of Thailand - we visited a very nice vineyard, had lunch and surprisingly very good white wine


No pics, all on the camera, so stay tuned!


what do you think?


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