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Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Here is my trip to Las Vegas in few pictures from the places we enjoyed the most:


LV - should be called ‘the small world of lights” - it has the main cities in the world (Paris, New York, Venice) reproduced in small versions, plus it’s very lighted! 


Great mexican food at Cabo... yummy...and those Margaritas!


Impressive water show at Bellagio


It has most of the high-end brands: Chanel, LV, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Marni, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and so many looking H&M shop too! I got myself jeans&sneakers though...not so high-fashion :)



Best place ever on Route 66 - an old gas station & general store, called Hackberry, maybe after his owner, a very nice old man that was selling all sorts of charming old crap...I fell for a rusted Route 66 sign I will hang on my living room wall. 



Sedona - very nice scenery, we stayed 1 night in a cozy creek lodge. Enjoyed the hard-core forest morning run!

Jerome - the so-called french village was nothing but american so we acted like it: Starbucks&Diners


The Grand Canyon - beautiful wonder made by Mother Nature - we hiked down 13 km on a dusty rocky trail to the village (where I imagined I will see and learn about the native american tribe culture, find all sorts of hand-made traditional object for the house and to wear, not really...very disappointing, dirty and dull). From there we continued 2 more km to the most beautiful clear blue waterfall, Havasupai Fall, unfortunately too cold to swim and 2 more km with a fun trail inside some caves to Mooney Fall. We stayed over the night in a lodge and hiked back up next morning. 

This was the best part of the trip impressive scenery, great workout and as always traveled in M said "you must me the only one that hiked the Grand Canyon with a Balenciaga on its shoulders" :)


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