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The BODRUM Escape

The BODRUM Escape


My latest weekend escape was in Bodrum, Turkey together with M and our good friends Niklas&Dana. I enjoyed so much, very cozy place with lots of restaurants right by the beach, great food (the calamari and the salads were absolutely delicious - and that was what I ate almost every day)


We were lucky to have great guides, thank you Merve&David! It’s always best to check the local tips it never gets the same experience only from tourists point of view. 


First night we arrived we went to the area called GUMUSLUK and first we stopped for drinks to this very special place LIMON hidden somewhere between the heels where you can see the most beautiful sunset. We actually missed it but I heard it’s amazing. I was though really impressed by the simplicity and yet originality of this unique restaurant with its mix&match tables&chairs spread on a natural grass terrace on different levels, live music, and a strong vibe between human&nature.

After we had dinner in one of the fish restaurants MELENGEC, but I recommend any of the restaurant there since the whole area is famous for its turkish mezzes, fish and raki. 


Second day - we started the day with breakfast on the terrace of Merve&David’s lovely summer house with a literally jaw-dropping view.


After we went to the posh beach Macakazi - a luxury deck on the sea with sun beds, restaurant and a very cool bar, where after laying in the sun and bathing for the whole day we finished the day with rose&good music. 

In the evening we went for dinner @ TURKBUKU apparently a very good meat restaurant but since meat is not my biggest friend I took the “vodka drunk shrimps”. Well I’d say that’s a winning combo for me :P 

To keep the posh feeling we ended the night in the bazars and did some shopping. 


I bought:

  • devil eye charm - wished I had bought more jewelry 
  • authentic Bodrum gladiator sandals - looove them
  • white tee with a cut detail on the back by turkish brand TRU
  • cotton&bamboo hand made bathrobe  - that I have been wearing at home ever since 

M bought...a lot :) and I was very happy because you won’t see him in shops too often but when he does go he’s super efficient! We found great shirts&pants at MUDO (turkish brand very nice especially for guys)


Third day - B-Long beach where they brought sand from Maldives so you can imagine the beautiful sight together with the crystal turquoise water and again great lunch (I had caprese salad and half a slice of pizza margarita - yummy - yes SOMETIMES I eat pizza in vacations) & drinks (Efes beer - favorite drink on the beach) by the lively bar and special dancing entertainment from Ella - beautiful 2 year old daugther of Merve and David


In the evening we went to YALIKAVAK village by the port where they made this luxury area with restaurant, shops, super lively great atmosphere we had dinner and after we walked along the water for a spectacular boat exhibition, I mean much nicer than St Tropez and Monte Carlo where to be honest I was not paying too much attention, but here was impossible not to admire the huge and luxury and crazy expensive boats. 


Last day  before the flight we still had time for few hours in the sun so we went to a more simple but very nice beach which actually is a wooden deck on the sea with sun beds and direct access to the water (which I have to mention especially since my husband calls me a BADKRUKA I enjoyed so much - super clean you could see the bottom no matter the depth and very very fresh). 

For lunch we went to this super cute authentic restaurant, under the shade of some big trees (where you could hear the grasshoppers or as we joked the treehoppers because the sound from all the trees there was insane) and guess what, I had calamari and greek salad. Uber-delicious. I could definitely live on this diet!


So it’s not often I write that much, must mean I really enjoyed this place! I hope my tips will help you enjoy it too!


what do you think?


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