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The bohemian luxury

The bohemian luxury

I promised to come back with a detailed post about the hotel I stayed in Mykonos, San Giorgio, a very special place, exactly my style which was one of the main reasons we decided to go to Mykonos. 


The exterior features the characteristic of the Mykonos Architecture with picturesque white-washed buildings with organic forms and simple design reflecting a sense of history, heritage, style and simplicity.


The interior of the hotel is bohemian-luxury, featuring a chic style of simplicity and comfort, the room interior is a collection of Arcadian treasures and organic materials. Every piece is handpicked, has its spirit of beauty and clarity. Eclectic materials and the genuine power of craftsmanship are displayed in all items.

My routine was something like that: waking up at 8 am...yes, earlier than usual...but I guess sounds more exciting to wake up with an ocean view, take breakfast by the pool, swim few laps and then relax in the sun then going to the office. After that we were heading to the beach (we tried a new one everyday), lay in the sun, swim, have lunch, some more sun&swimming, getting back to the hotel, have a drink by the pool and preparing for dinner in the town. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Here are some pictures from my fav part the hotel. 

I'm wearing la blouse roumaine and a mix of jewerly: Andresco, Dogeared, Cruciani, Malvensky, Babylonia


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