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5 years of senses - Happy birthday Createur!

5 years of senses - Happy birthday Createur!

Last week I took part of a very special event Hierogamie by Createur 5 D’emotions, one of my favorite boutiques here in Bucharest. In this shop I can find my favorite jewelries by Bjorg and the most interesting and appealing fragrances. 

The event celebrated the 5 years anniversary of the shop. For me it was a hierogamy of senses and how a smell together with a sound can bring you back in a certain passage of your past or send you to a imaginary travel to the future.

The clean minimalist and fresh design of the location (Galateca) together with the interesting concept of joining fragrances, music, poems and beautiful people all together made this event one of my favorite so far. Congratulation Alexandra & team for such a creative work!


The perfumes we enjoyed were created by Andy Tauer, Neela Vermeire, Vero Kern, HUMIECKI & GRAEF, LABORATORIO OLFATTIVO. 


I had the pleasure to talk to Andy Tauer and Vero Kern the night before the event and was very impressed by their naturalness, creativity and joy of life. I will very soon have them as interview-guests in the Opinion section.

Here are some photos that transmit the atmosphere of the event.

(photo credits by: Radu Sandovici / Florin Haragas



And some from the evening before from the shop where I interviewed the perfumers. 



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