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AdR at H&M - preview

AdR at H&M - preview

Passed by the H&M Showroom to take a peek of their latest designer collaboration with the fashion maniac (rightly described by Helmut Newton) - Anna Dello Russo.

The whole collection is a mix of bling-bling-over the top-excentric-quirky accessories, like Anna! And to be Anna is not easy...I would say almost impossible, so a bit high risk result in case one does not know how to mix&match...but we'll wait and see what will happen after 4th of Oct, when the collection will be launched and all the princesses will come out of their rabbit holes...

In the meantime I did my own version of fashion shower (see pics) and I must say my favourite piece has to be the tribute clutch to Cuciolinna, ADR's dog. 

I love the idea and would love to wear a design piece with Miss K! Cause she's one fashionable biatch!

See the AdR at H&M Fashion Shower video


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