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Don't know what happened if it's because of the wether outside or just for now reason but I got this crazy obsession to only wearing black. Would that be a problem? I remember once I saw this gorgeous swedish girl in the BLK DENIM store in Stockholm, wearing black jeans, black Pistol Acne boots, black sweater with her blonde hair a bit inside the turtle neck and a black suit-jacket on top and she look great. And this is how I want to look this fall...and winter. And even though I have few black clothes in my wardrobe I think it;s time for some serious shopping and that will have to wait for few weeks when i go to Stockholm. 

Until then this is what you will see me in: Zara jeans/H&M boots/sweatshirt/MMM for H&M jacket/Fendi scarf (as seen in the main picture)

And of course some catwalk inspiration won’t hurt, so here are my killer-looks from AW13 (one collage with pants and the other with skirts - not that I will be wearing those too often, but some of you might do)


what do you think?


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