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BAG dilemma for 2014

BAG dilemma for 2014

It seems like once per year, about the same time, I get a bag crave. But looking now at my older posts #1 #2  I realized this crave never gets satisfied...I NEVER get the bag! So I wonder.... is this crave real or am I just bored with my accessories? Or the grey wether outside, that might not be it since as you can see my top 3 colors are black grey and...light grey?! 

If I give it some time it might go away...anyway in the meantime here is my latest bag-dilemma 

This time it’s a very easy one: I have only one bag in mind, the PS11 from Proenza Schouler, which is nothing new, but still the dilemma is the color:


Should I look forward to a minimalistic summer and choose the white one?

PROS: Sometimes I see myself in all-white outfits beeing all proper and elegant

CONS: And after I put on my Zadig boots a tee and denim shorts

 Should I be wild and go for a trendy camouflage print? 

PROS: would like to have something else than monochrome and now I kind of like camo

CONS: I might hate camo in few months


Should I go in between and take the fits-all grey one?

PROS: I love all shades of grey

CONS: already have 3 grey bags

Should I stay classic but chick with the black one?

PROS: I guess it would fit to most of my daily outfits but to the night ones too

CONS: I already have the Chanel that is almost the same size and fits the same

Or maybe just think out of the box and get the hologram version?

PROS: the question itself it's a Pro

CONS: I usually think out of the box EXCEPT when it comes to colors/prints/shiny things

Give me your opinions and this time I hope I will end this bag dilemma once for all! :)



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