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Mengotti Fur Presentation

Mengotti Fur Presentation

i am so excited that couldn't wait til morning to write about tonight. So, here i am, like every year, at the fur presentation at Mengotti. really nice furs, i am not a fur girl but there was this one from Prada i would kill for :)

Anyways, after the presentation we went to grab something to eat i was starving and they had this amazing tun sushi prepared by Loft, i think i had like 10 pieces, couldn't stop :) i usually don't eat at events. and all of the sudden i hear my name: Sorina, Sorina and guess what!!! i won a FUR!!! i never win anything. One beautiful fur jacket from PAROSH. Cool, right?

Outfit: vintage pants&top, Alexander Wang shoes, Chanel bag


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