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Mix&Match Cruciani bracelets on the beach

Mix&Match Cruciani bracelets on the beach

Last weekend I was super anxious to wear my new dress from Isabel Marant on the beach, which I accessorized with the hat I bought in St Tropez and of course, lots of bracelets from Cruciani. Lately I have been trying different models from them, depending on my mood. They have different symbols and I’m really into symbols. So when I feel free, I wear the butterfly, when I feel a bit spacy I wear Mars and when I feel Super, I wear Superman :P 

And the best thing is now they sale them at Fratelli beach so it was easy to get new ones and mix&match with my old ones.

My Cruciani mix&match: a bit spacy with Mars, hoping to live forever with Infinity, loving everybody with The Hearts & loving my better half with The Lock - which is a set with The Key that I gave ...of course to M)



Andreea mixed Hearts&Mars and Leo seems to like it ;)

Anisia was more inventive and she is wearing her Cruciani bracelets on the ankle

Next one to buy is for Kaila...I wonder which one she likes ;)



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