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"Suflecata pan' la brau"


I'm always very excited to see Adrian Oianu's new collection, not only because i consider him and the lovely Catrinel my friends but also because he is very talented, deep and authentic person. 

The show was great, located in the Geology Museum which was not chosen by accident. As always, Oianu had a concept behind his collection, one born from the heart of the Romanian earth - the gemstones from the mines. The images were taken by the designer and digitaly printed on the silks and together with Oianu signature cuts gave birth to this amazing dresses.

Here you can see my selection




Here are some details on the beautiful model Monica:



And I'm proudly presenting my own Oianu dress :)



One more detail that I thought was very smart and genuin - all the models were wearing a perfume that the designer chose to represent his collection - SKARB by Humiecki & Graef…is it possible that when i"m looking at this pictures i can still smell it…


what do you think?


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