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the pursuit of the perfect leather jacket

the pursuit of the perfect leather jacket

Pls guys, is there a cure for shopaholism? I really mean it! Especially when you are in Stockholm and you find at least 7 super yummy leather jackets that you cannot take your eyes&hands off.

anyway there comes a time when a girl needs to decide so this is what I did too! 

but before that this is what I had to suffer!

Acne Rita shearling in bright neon

Acne Rita leather in black 

Acne Mape leather jacket in bright blue

BLK Denim leather jacket 8 in white

BLK DNM Suede jacket in green

BLK DNM motorcycle leather jacket in black

An the lucky winner - my new fav BLK DNM leather jacket 8 in burgundy that now lives in my wardrobe!


what do you think?


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