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Today I found Paradise

Today I found Paradise

I have been to Stockholm many times now in the last 5 years. It's the city that impressed me the most, maybe in some ways more than NY. I love the look of it with its nice architecture, the water with its archipelago, all the islands, the beautiful people! It's fashionable, interesting and inspiring. I mean here you walk on the street and you literally could constantly look right left, front and back and find something/someone to like! And the shopping here is an experience. From department stores and multibrand shops with a very good quality choice of brands/pieces (they must have very good buyers) to all the small boutiques with the swedish brands like Acne, Whyred, Tiger, Filippa K, Hope, etc. And I thought it cannot get better than this...until today when my friend Anna, to which I will be forever thankfull, took me to...Paradise..The Acne Paradise. Can you imagine a shop with the best pieces from Acne, even from the last collection, at HALF PRICE??!! I still almost cannot believe it...ok, maybe I do only when I admire my new white leather pants that I cannot wait to wear, together with the cool t-shirt and the new grey boots! And also the black linen dress...


No...this glasses i didn't get but me and Anna were fooling around :) and by the ay, she got a very nice linen scarf!

And not finished yet because on Thursday I go back to buy myself and my friend Andreea a leather jacket...haven't decided if I should go for the dark blue or dusty pink suede jacket?!



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