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Today I passed by two of my favorite shops: Createur 5 D’emotion and Entrance. The reason - I have a shooting tomorrow and the styling is very dark & gothic - so, where else to go then to the dark zones ;) where of course I saw, tried and got insanely in love with few things. 

Here is my selection I wouldn’t mind to have :) (as usual i like to play with instagram, so wouldnt' mind if you follow me there too @ sorinafredholm)

First stop - Entrance - if you like black and underground luxury i highly recommend this shop! it has the best selection of niche designers

This is a very creepy bag by A Tentative Atelier (a new japanese brand- this is their first collection)

Some new stuff from Rick Owens: wedge sandals that i simply adore and this dress with very interesting cuts


In the first picture you can also see a pair of round Mikita sunglasses


Second stop - Createur 5 D'emotionbesides all the cool jewelry selection made by the cool owner Alexandra, I recommend to stop by for the exclusive range of perfumes...i cannot really show you this on my post, but all the jeweIries you see in this pictures have an incredible smell.

Trying on the adjustable rings from Pascale Monvoisin (they are basically metal wires that you can roll around your fingers as you wish)


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