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What is in my luggage

What is in my luggage

As usual I have no clue what to pack..i actually hate packing. Usually M is packing for me but since my mum is here, i will ask her to do it. I will just choose the stuff…as i always do..first 2 outfits make sense, after i just take my most favorite peices which not all the time fit everywhere…

For Thailand should be easy, and especially i was bragging that i only need shorts and flip flops. But this is not the case when it's the actual time for packing. 

At least I'm sure about 2 outfits:

the 24th - Christmas Eve& Birthday - one of my favorite dresses ever-vintage long DFV, got it from my mum last summer and since then I wore it so many times. Just looking quickly through my pics found all of these:

1. Dinner before the wedding 

2. Honeymoon - Florence

3. Honeymoon - Portofino

4. Honeymoon - Elba...yes, our friends Avi and Niklas, aka MF's, joined our honeymoon :)

5. Honeymoon - Rome

6. New Year's Eve - Barcelona

7. Midsummer - Istanbul

For New Years Eve i'm planning to wear my Manoush pink jumpsuit i bought 2 years ago especially for Lara's baptize.

Then i have few other dresses i will definitely wear: my new Oianu dress from his last collection, the Margiela dress that became a bit too tight after drycleaning..which it shouldn't, anyways here it will be ok, the jumpsuit by twenty8twelve

the flower print dress made by my mum

Plus other day dresses and shorts. 

When it come to shoes, even though i tried it before, i should stop packing high heals because i never wear them…so only flats…and i realize now I don't have so many.

NOTE to Sorina: buy at least 3 pair of flats this spring! 

Now bags and accessories: in Thailand it's a bit unnecessary to have nice brand bags…every thai girl has one…fake :) So for sure yours will be taken the same. But i decided to take the Balenciaga, fits to almost everything i have and some clutches. Nothing fancy. 

Now i will ask my mum to arrange everything in the suitcase! I will tell you later if this luggage was a good one or not!

See yaaa!


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