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Brilliant mushrooms

Brilliant mushrooms

I found these funny looking mushrooms in Mega Image few days ago. Never heard about them before so I thought to give them a try. They are perfect for my diet, you can eat them raw in salads giving a mild and crunchy taste. I also cooked them in stir-fries and had the feeling I was eating noodles, so I think these little mushrooms will become my new friends!

I also checked online to find out more about them and it turns out they are a nutritional powerhouse!

They are almost a complete protein and very easily digestible. Full of amino acids (luecine and arginine - very useful for the development of the brain),  Apparently they are called the ‘IQ mushroom’ so I might become a genius soon :)  Also very high in vitamins B1 and B2 which are good for increasing energy levels and lowering the stress. They have around 4 times the average quantity of B1 compared to other vegetables.

They grow in Nagano, Japan and have been known by the locals as an anti-cancer, anti-aging food for centuries, the are has also an extremely low rate of cancer compared to other regions.

And not to mention how good they are for my diet - 100g of the mushrooms have only 44 calories and yet are quite filling. They are very low in sugar and contain no fat. 

So this is what I cooked...delicious!

Spicy stir-fired chicken stir-fry with golden enoki

Stir-fry chinese cabbage with white enoki mushrooms


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