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Conscious as a life-style

Conscious as a life-style

Super excited about the weather outside! I can see it, feel it, smell it! The spring is officially here! And soon Bfresh Spring edition will be out! As usual you will find it in World Class clubs and some of the main events of the season.


Until then, here are some BTS pics from a great projects I did this weekend. We invited 7 special women - members of World Class - for a professional shooting, to celebrate the respect they have for their-selves and the ones around them throughout their CONSCIOUS HEALTHY LIFE-STYLE. I was impressed to see so much beauty, good-sense and happiness around me. 

These ladies are a real life model for all of us and I promise you will be stunned by the result of the shooting! You will be able to see the editorial in the new Bfresh.


We also had a great team: 

Photography - Corina Olaru

Make-up: Andra Iulia and Magda Ivan (Andra Manea Make-up Artist)

Hair: Camelia Negrea 

Outfits: H&M Conscious Collection (that fit perfectly to the theme)

Don’t want to reveal too much but here is a sneak peek. 


what do you think?


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