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Extreme ski touring in Switzerland

Extreme ski touring in Switzerland

Not sure if this post should go in FIT or ESCAPES...

<The Engelberg village under the snow>

Just came back from a ski long weekend in Engelberg, Switzerland. It’s the second year we come here with some friends, this year the crowd was quite interesting, us two with 2 friends, each one a parent (but not together) and with one of their children (second stayed home with the other know what I mean?!)...anyway was lots of fun having the kids around...could have been a bit of practice for a future friend for Kaila? least for M was :)

<Mikael teaching Leo&Anasofia to ski>

We stayed in this very cozy, design laid back Swedish hotel that included a very healthy yummy my style breakfast (porridge, musli, fresh fruit juice, etc), one of the best dinners I ever had and the deserts....well the deserts for me (without being an expert in this domain) were the top of the top. Thank God we were skiing every day for 5 hours. 

<best spinach soup&poached egg I ever had / amazing apricots with lime curd and vanilla icecream>

For the last day my husband decided it’s about time to take me on my first ski touring, so we rented a guide that prepared for us a full day of skiing off piste, out in the wilderness. 

Sounded great, we got all geared up with randonee skies, skins, avalanche beeper, shovel, sondes and sunscreen (it was a beautiful sunny day) and started our adventure. We took the chairlift up to 900 altitude meters where we started walking, and walking, and walking and I thought it will never end...we walked up 1200 altitude meters that took us...7 hours! Yes, 7 hours walking in your ski-boots with your skies on sliding on inclined snowy terrain, trust me its nothing but easy. On our way down the snow was pretty slouchy and heavy and some big clouds caught up with us so the skiing was not that fun. My first ski touring experience end up to be more of tough fat-burning hiking in the snow. But how can you not get happy when you hear you burned over 5,000 calories?! And the view - a bill $ view!

<on our way of reaching the top>

It’s always, at least in my case, much more fulfilling to be active in your vacations! So I guess that’s the answer to my first question, all my vacations are FIT. Next one...maybe a more warmer experience like rock climbing in Greece ;)

here is a short movie about this trip ;)


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