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I started this blog with a combination of passion for fashion and a healthy lifestyle which means staying fit eating healthy and being active. The name said it all - fit for fashion - and I took the quote of a fashion fit icon, Elsa Schiaparelli "never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress" as a guideline. Lately though I have been neglecting the word FIT, not only in my posts, but in my life.

December was a bad training what so ever, eating irregular and unhealthy. There, I said it! But I just want the old me back! I will not become completely lunatic complaining about my figure and the way I look, because I still weight 50…cause then you will just hate me. But that hasn't come easy, trust me, I have been working hard for the past 7 years to change my metabolism and my body. So yes, true, 1 month of lazy greasy life won't turn me back into a frog, but I really don't want to push it too much…you never know :) And it's more that this lifestyle keeps me mentally healthy and I just don't want to give that one up!

I didn't want to do it as everyone else and start a new program from Monday,  mostly because I do not really function on Mondays, when I am usually more tired then Sundays...but then I said why not, maybe this is what it needs to take, a little effort and a change to my likes and dislikes. So this Monday I will start a new training&diet program. I have very big plans and a high target until the first day with 25 degrees when again I want to wear proudly my denim shorts! 

Would be great if you could join me…and if that's too much to ask, at least follow me cause this is going to be lots of fun! And not to waist anymore time I decided to start today with a pre-training power-walk around the lake! See ya!!

Photo by Gabriel Hennessey: 3 years ago- here I can say I looked almost perfect (of course this is realistically and accordingly to my measurements, because trust me IDEAL does not even get close to this, hello there Gisele!!!! but I guess we all have our dreams :)…So let's see if I can beat that this year!


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