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Flashback Thailand - The perfect last week

Flashback Thailand - The perfect last week

We arrived in Railay Beach in the evening...water everywhere, literally like walking in a river. It has been raining for the last 2 days, very unusual this time a year, but fortunatly for us and our climbing plans it had just stoped. The bungalow really sucked so we had to upgrade to the main hotel which seems more reasonable... 

We started every morning with a healthy breakfast (egg sunny side up, papaya, dragon fruit, melon and coffe). The schedule was climbing in the morning from 9.30-13.00, lunch break on the beach and finishing the day with another 3 hours, in different climbing spots on the island. 


I have to admit the first wall felt a bit impossible to finish...don't know why but I got a bit scared, even thought I climbed top rope, so nothing can happen...But after touching the anchore you get this energy and confidence and you feel like climbing more and more.

So here are my best moments



best climbing pose



trying hard



Mikael the brave



This is Nut, our guide from Hot Rock Climbing School in Krabi



And these were our neighbours



lovely sunset


Last day we went deep water soloing, meaning free climbing and jumping in the water..scarryyyy



what do you think?


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