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Living the kind life

Living the kind life

I have been busy lately with showing you all sorts of frivolous things like clothes&clothes. But let’s get back to the real business and talk about how we feed ourselves.


I’ve been meaning to make this statement for a while now and it’s not because of uncertainty I’ve waited, just didn’t get the chance to write the post with all the other things going on in our busy life in the capital :)


So yes, the statement is that I stopped eating meat like 5 months ago and I am super happy and proud of my decision. 

I actually starter being interested in a vegetarian diet back in 2005 when I also started doing sport regularly. I kept it for 1 year and after slightly I again included meat in my diet. But not because I liked it or I needed it, just out of pure laziness of not cooking my own food or eating what was in the menu of the day. If it was chicken I would eat that, beef, the same. Never pork though, can’t even smell it. I would not cook meat at home though, even back then most of my recipes were vegetarian. 


Anyway, it started from the beginning of this year when I kind of decided to quit the meat for good and now I feel very balanced and contempt with my decision.


Not to mention the load I took off my heart knowing no kind and cute animals are laying dead on my plate!!! 


Even my friends respect this when they invite me for dinners, so thank you guys for not keeping me starved ;)


Seldomly I eat fish, seafood and cheese, but only if it’s something very delicious (like the bucket of shrimps with fresh green curry sauce at the restaurant Veranda in Thailand). 

Most of the time I gobble myself with tons of vegetables. Once you start being interested in this diet you discover so many type of vegetables that you can cook in so many ways. And I love how everything I eat nowadays looks colorful and fresh and feels so healthy and light.


I don’t want to babble too much more about this, it was just an introduction to the recipes that will follow on my blog, in case you were wondering why I only cook vegetarian! 


So in the next posts you can enjoy some of my delicious KIND meals! 


what do you think?


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