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My first triathlon

My first triathlon

Yes, I am still alive...I know I haven’t been too active lately on the blog and trust me I suffer a great deal..but, as always there is a reason behind my absence... I’ve been and actually still am working for an important project I hope all of you healthy-lifestyle lovers will appreciate! So stay tuned cause something big will happen soon!


And talking about big things, as you might know, last weekend I did my first triathlon in a team. I did the 5k running (on sand) and it was pretty intensive! We got very good timing and were suppose to get 2nd or 3rd place but very unexpectedly and unfortunately we got disqualified at the cycling race. Apparently my colleague missed one check point on his cycling trail, so no podium for us this time. But I’m really happy I went and i really wanted to thank Alex and World Class for choosing me to be part of their team! This was a big step for me, hopefully from now on I’ll start going to more of this races...maybe I’ll start training for a half marathon. 


I’m not a big runner, I run from time to time outside in the park and like to do intervals on the treadmill. But for the last month I have been training especially for this triathlon. Ok, I admit I didn’t only trained for the triathlon, so I also did some functional for my own pleasure :) It’s in my nature to always change things and this goes for my training too cause otherwise I get super bored. So no, only running all the time would not fit me. But its quite nice to see how you can increase your resistance and get better and actually enjoy it more every day. So I will definitely stick to running 2-3 times/week!


Just before the race started, with Alex who did the cycling


Here is right after the race together with Alex and Mihai the guys from my you can see we were very happy knowing we had good time and hoping for a good place...


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