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New dishes

New dishes

In my gourmand VS staying fit challenge I am always in search of healthy delicious recipes. And this is what I made this weekend:


Menemen - this is a traditional turkish scrambled eggs with vegetables. Very easy&fast to make, makes a perfect Saturday breakfast. 


Spicy shrimp&mango salad - super fresh and delicious salad (my main issue when eating out - why is so difficult for restaurants to make fresh, healthy and tasty salads...and in big portions so you won’t still be hungry after you finished) 

Burrito - for a not so healthy Sunday (it’s always good to have that one day/week when you can do and eat whatever you like - you might be surprised sometimes you will not even exaggerate as much as you dream about during the week and maybe even train, like I did yesterday ;)


what do you think?


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