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Plant-based diet - Day I

Plant-based diet - Day I

No news I’m a vegetarian. And my diet is mostly base on plants, but I also eat cheese (goat), eggs and fish from time to time.

So yes, I eat healthy and clean, but it’ always fun to start a program and keep a certain diet. At least I find it fun, it makes me anxious about what I have to eat today, how I feel during the diet and what results I get. 

So I read this article about the whole-food plant-based diet in Harper’s Bazaar US and the benefits from it (less bloat, better digestion, more energy, thiner you) and I decided to keep it. To be honest after reading the “menu” of this diet I couldn’t wait to try it!

And I’m sure you will all feel the same, that’s why I decided to post the dishes for the day + photos. The recipes are a bit modified from the article, according to the ingredients I found, but I kept most of them. 




Breakfast: all-greens shake

How to: mix spinach, cucumber, green apple (half), parsley and celery (add half of avocado to make it creamy)


Lunch: Mung beans and vegetables stick

Try: I ordered this dishes from Barca (vegan restaurant)


Dinner: stuffed red peppers

How-to: char peppers over an open flame until skins are black. Peel (i didn't and were perfect too) halve and de-seed. Fill with cooked quinoa, walnuts, parsley (I added lemon juice, a bit of peppers and chili to the stuffing mixture). Bake for 15 min at 180 C. Ad some fresh mint on top.


Guilt-free snack (please only one per day:) : psyllium pudding (made with almond milk and cinnamon) - ordered from Barca




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