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the first 3 days of my new life

the first 3 days of my new life

Photo by Gabriel Hennessey, shot in World Class Downtown

You might think I bailed out you and my healthy program. Oh nooo, no, no!!! On Mon I started as planned my new program with training and diet, and here it is! 


3 days/week (Mon/Wed/Fri) I work out in the gym, mostly STRENGHT for burning fat and building back my muscles. YES, ladies and gentleman building muscles! And NO, I do not want to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger. This scares people and mostly women away, weight training will not make you a bodybuilder but instead it will burn your most stubborn fat which cardio cannot do. You may have been told that cardio is the ultimate fat burner, but that effect stops the minute you hop off the treadmill. Build more muscle and you'll keep your body burning fat all day long!

1 day/week (Tue) is CLIMBING day and 1 day/week (Thu) is CARDIO day (treadmill powerwalk/outdoor running)

Haven't decided yet if Sat or Sun will be anything special-day but I guess with 5 active days before I kind of stay relaxed and see what happens.

So yes, yesterday was the climbing day it started a bit rough meaning I only did 3 track and didn't finish any but at least I got the taste for it again. But the thought that just last summer in Marseille I did climbed this 120 m Bec de Sormiou wall seems so far away…

The place we found is a bit far off but pretty good, still a bit cold now in the winter. Next time I will take some pictures, hopefully from the top ;) 




My diet is pretty easy to remember: NO CARBS :) except my morning oatmeal which is the reason I wake up in the morning for :)

I had some tuna salad with baby spinach & green beans, chicken*celery salad, not too fancy.


But for Mon dinner I made a super dish: meatball fritatta which made also Tuesday's lunch. HERE you have the receipt, i just took out the tofu noodles (not because they are carbs just couldn't find them)


Last night I made my fav dish which we eat very often, with or without the diet: saag paneer. it's an indian dish where i replace paneer ( special indian cheese) with tofu. It's absolutely delicious and i recommend to make it spicy (at least 2 chillies ;) HERE you can find the recipe.


So far so good, the only things I'm craving for are fruits…yesterday me and Kaila were drawling for Andreea's mango…which is a NO-NO for NOW


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