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this is only the beginning

this is only the beginning

Great start of The week! Fresh&Focused!

I admit I prepaired a bit for this week with another week of training before. But my normal stuff: cardio and weights. What is new though in my training g schedule and I absolutely love it is cycling! I won't go this week since I'm training at the Boot Camp but next week I'll check in at least 2 times per week. 

I tried Richmond's class which was great atmosphere and I will also go to Laci's! 

Going back to Boot Camp...

My sergent VV sent me the meal plan for this week which i am trying to keep buy i ususally change it a bit in case I'm missing or don't like something. The I

Operant thing is to keep the balance and proportions of protein and carbs and the calories! For ex, last night didn't get to shop so in the morning instead of musli and yoghurt I have a protein shake with 1 banana. Hope that's ok Sergent! ;)

For lunch, and here my friend AVI will be very pleased to hear this, I had the doggie bag from his yesterday's lunch: beef with chickpeas and egg, lovely Israelian dish that he cooked for 24 h!!! Ok, I guess he wanted to impress his new girl...maybe friend! we hope so ;)

At 2 I had my Boot Camp training @ Downtown. 1,5 h of hard core training: jumps on bosu ball, running with weights, you can check the photos...cannot really see it but I was sweating a lot!  


You can see The tshirt in The photos, they Have US army outfits and the trainers are even mire equipped than us. 

Fun, BUT I'm missing new training clothes!!! It was in my schedule thus weekend to buy new running shoes and some T-shirts...didn't! :(

Maybe I'll find time tmrw to shop some...I really miss it. And true, shopping training clothes, here in Ro, is really boring! I just love Casall line but only find it in Sweden. Of course when I go there I spend all my money on other stuff so I end up in the last day buying 1 piece...check out my new tights, aren't they great? They make me look slim and fit! <3

So going back to this weeks schedule tomorrow is training at 2 again but heard great news about Wed going in the forest outside Bucharest. Can't wait!

Not so much more exciting news for today...actually not!!! Today we shot the fashion pictorial for Bfresh!!! And that's very exciting, new winter edition coming soon! I'll keep you posted on that but not with too many info so you stay anxious to see it in the clubs!

Good night boys&girls :)


this is only the beginning

this is only the beginning


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