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W by World Class is LIVE

W by World Class is LIVE

OMG again 2 weeks passed...this is outrageous I admit! But from now on I will go back to my normal rhythm and that’s because we have finally launched our latest project - the blog W by World Class. 


So after launching the magazine called the same W by World Class we started working heavily on our new blog which is the ultimate guide in fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. We wanted to have a clean and attractive design, the latest and quality content, inspirational an motivational visuals (pictures and video).


We created this blog as an online communication platform not only for World Class members but to anyone that is in search of information, motivation and inspiration to improve its lifestyle. That is why we chose experts in which we completely trust and believe, who are a important and credible source and a landmark in their domain of activity.


What we want to achieve with this blog is to guide and help you every day to take healthy and sustainable decisions in your every day life so you can become the best version of yourself!


You can check the blog here 

I hope you will enjoy it!

The main picture is a scene with Anca Bucur from the VIDEO we did for the blog, together with Gabriel Hennessey as Video Director &DOP.


You can check the blog here




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