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Weekend workout&diet

Weekend workout&diet

I was actually planning to tell you more about how great my diet&training program is but today is not my best day so far…Im really tired and have a bit of headache. And I'm suppose to train like in 1 hour so I better have some snacks before (cheese&nuts)

Anyway I don't want to depress anyone so I will tell you about my weekend which I was freaked out about since there is not movie&popcorn or Sunday pizza included in my menu! But it turned out very well. 

I made two delicious dishes, completely in my diet!

Eggs florentine - instead of the English muffin I used a piece of mozzarella that I melted in the oven together with the spinach. And instead of the mayo sauce I made mustard&olive&vinaigrette oil sauce

And you won't believe what I had for dinne: hamburgers ;) - I made the grund meat myself using lean beef, no fat and instead of the bun I used mushrooms...and ok this is not really a replacement for me because I usually don't eat french fries so of course I had a salad. But really, mouth watering dish, try it! ;)

And of course I trained: ran around the lake&Kaila, both Sat&Sun mornings ;)


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