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#1st issue of W by World Class magazine

#1st issue of W by World Class magazine

Almost two weeks of silence...not good, not good at all. 


But I had good reasons and hopefully this sneak peek of my latest project - W by World Class magazine will make up for it...


I will start by telling you a bit about the idea behind this new project which came from a need that both us and World Class team felt to professionally inform, educate and motivate all passionates about fitness, wellness, basically everyone that wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

There are so many wrong or incomplete information around so we thought it’s time for the experts to offer opinions and the right content, and who else could do it better than the fitness and wellness leader? 


Our new platform contains two tools: the blog that will be launched in 1 week (post to follow) and the magazine W by World Class, which basically is a rebranded version of Bfresh, with a new name and a major face lift. With its attractive look, well-researched and informative articles, leading experts and lively touch, W by World Class wanted to bring more value to its readers and advertisers.


So here are some of the main articles you could read in the first issue. 

The magazine can be found in all World Class clubs, just ask for your free copy in the reception! 




Our cover girl, Anca Bucur, is not only a Miss Fitness Universe and one of the best trainers in the country, but a very cool, sexy and strong lady. Together with the talented photographer Oltin Dogaru we brought out this side of hers in this editorial. Later on, our editor Lavinia Dinculescu met Anca in her home and discovered a more sensitive and personal side that you can read all about in the coverstory.




With the help of our dream-team, Lil Bulgac and Alex Galmeanu we always bring you the most creative and high quality fashion editorials and this time we take you to a bohemian-chic journey together with the coolest collection from this season by Isabel Marant pour H&M.




I must say this beauty editorial is one of my favorite parts of this magazine, so urban-cool but exotic in the same time. Thank you Dalles Go team (Diana Ionescu andClaudiu Alex Sarghe) and our beauty editor, Ioana Vasile for a great job!




The latest and coolest trends in fitness, the most innovative equipment and new clubs to be open, all of this you can read in our several sections dedicated to a healthy and active lifestyle.  

World Class is the favorite fitness chain among celebrities and this issue in the section VIP in the gym, Radu Valcan shows us how he stays in such a great shape.




Our nutrition specialist Dr Serban Damian is giving his healthy choice of what and how much to eat after our workout. 

And if you want to enjoy a healthy lunch prepared with passion and best ingredients by the Master-chef himself, Joseph Hadad, reserve your table asap!





The hot profile - brings the charismatic and energic Andreea Esca sharing some insights about her style and passions


Gadgets, Grooming & Shopping for MEN 

I would like to thank all our editors (Maia Andrei, Andreea Billig, Denisa Caldararu, Iulia Darzu, Gabriela Iuga, Alexandra Manole), art director &production (Umbra Design), advertising manager (Simona Iordache), the rest of collaborators and experts that helped and guided us in creating, I believe, a great magazine! 

And I hope you’ll enjoy it and find it useful as much as we do!








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