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Bfresh # 21 is OUT!

Bfresh # 21 is OUT!

I just got my hands on one copy of the newest Bfresh issue, so excited! Of course I know this magazine by heart, I make it, so nothing new to me...but it’s a different feeling to have the print version in my hands and be able to go through and read it relaxed, just like any other magazine. In this issue we celebrate spring, so we played a lot and had fun with colors and shapes! You can see that from the cover where Anda embraces a new beginning and looks adorable in her H&M cobalt blue polka dot top and yellow tulle skirt by Dana Nastase. 

Our beauty specialist, Dana Sota also has fun and bring a colorful approach to the spring make-up.

Fun and colorful is also the schedule World Class has prepared for this year! It’s really interesting to see how the new mothers can easily get back in shape after giving birth, and how any guy if he works out a bit harder can get that six pacs that all ladies dream about. World Class is also very involved in educating the market and the industry through their new program, Move ON. 

The magazine has also a dark side where Madalina Dorobantu talks about her dark-chic clothing line Pas du tout. I found in the showroom so many pieces I would love to wear. You already know the goose-down jacket, the only reason I still love the cold weather outside...and soon I will show you some leather pieces I got from her...this will be one rock’n’roll spring for me ;)

Among fashion&fitness, traveling is also a big hobby of mine and together with the team from Bfresh we are very keen on exploring new things and places. So we decided to start a new column called “the travel notebook” where we invite people to tell us all about their favorite destination. Our first guest is the beautiful Valentina Pelinel who takes us far to explore the exotic island Bora Bora.

These are just few of the interesting things you can read in the magazine. I’ll let you discover the rest from your free copy that you can find in the World Class clubs and of course at the most important events this spring!



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