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Burning beauty by LaChapelle

Burning beauty by LaChapelle

Not to feel all that shallow talking only fashion, I have to say that the best thing I've seen in Stockholm was the exhibition of David LaChapelle "Burning beauty". I am fascinated by the surrealism and I see LaChapelle like a Dali that actually brings in his studio all this real people&objects and makes them look unreal. All the exaggeration and absurdity you can see in his pictures make his art magical. And it's not only the glamour of seeing Madonna or Michael Jackson posing or the striking editorials from Vogue, but the immensity of his creative brain, all the work and messages behind it. 

It's LaChapelle's largest exhibition with more than 250 works, music videos and films and as they said it's the first and probably the only time they will devote the entire museum to a single artist for a period of 3 months. So I guess lucky me I was there to see it!

I was most impressed by DELUGE -it was too big to take it in one photo but here is a collage of it, plus some of my other fav works

You can see all his work HERE


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