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Coming home for Christmas

Coming home for Christmas

Hello my darlings, I have been away from my daily blogging activity, but cannot complaint too much since I had a lovely week in Stockholm. But now, on my way back home, with a 5 hours wait in Schipol I get some time to catch up with my posts. 

Still with a bit steamy brain from all the nice things I would have almost killed to have, but than I thought rather come back home safe and enjoy the Christmas holiday which I'm totally in love with. It's my fav time of the year, but only that week, and that's because, even though I'm a winter child, I much rather like to lie in my bikini on a sunny beach....not sure if that makes any sense, so as I was saying...still a bit steamy

Anyway, coming back to my shopping experience in Stockholm, which always is big and to be remembered, both as more bags and less money I come back home with :) I will come back with posts of the best moments from this week. 

Now the only thing I'm dreaming about is seeing Miss K!


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