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Going NUTS and other healthy pleasures

Going NUTS and other healthy pleasures

From fashion to cooking?! Yes you might think this girl is nuts, or what? 

Well I am actually, like with almonds, cashew and other nuts! I mean, we are what we eat, right?

As many people tell me I don’t look like the cooking-type...well not sure how that type looks like but I can tell you I love cooking and lately it started to become a passion, especially that I am more and more interested in the nutrition part of the food. Do we know what to eat? I mean our body is not just a place to dump food in just because we are hungry. 


And becoming a vegetarian made me more conscious about what I eat and if my body gets everything that needs in terms of nutrition. 


Also the new blog that we launched in the beginning of the year helps a lot in getting the information I need. It’s a great and credible daily source of fitness, nutrition, beauty and lifestyle. You check it here:


I know I’m at the beginning but I am very interested in discovering more and sharing everything I learn and try! And all that food you will see in my pictures, bursting of color, flavor and health will be posted as recipes (everything cooked by me, of course). 

So stay with me and in time we’ll become healthier and happier. 




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