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i bark, you bark,

i bark, you bark,

Yes, finally my very very special soul-project is up and running! 


We met on a cold winter was St Nicholas. We were not meant to be together, but it was love at first sight. Blonde, cute and clumsy, I knew that moment that day Kaila will become my best friend. We do everything together, go to the office, walk in the park, out for coffees, important events, vacations, to the seaside and in the mountains. I offer Kaila as much attention, care, comfort and love as I offer my family members.

I've always had an interest in fashion and lifestyle, trying to explore different niches and to express my creative vision. I believe that most of it comes from my mother who, being a shoe designer herself, introduced me to the design world from a very early age. Together we make a great team in designing products that are not just beautiful but had a great utility.

So we asked ourselves, what better way to style up your dog than with some unique, design stylish collars? That is when "ibark" was born - hand-made, stylish yet wearable dog collar design, using highest quality and safest leather and textiles materials.


ibark is the signature of our friendship based on emotion, respect and a great lifestyle!

Me and Kaila would like to THANK YOU for taking the time to visit our website:


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