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last night…was crazzy!!

last night…was crazzy!!

last night…was crazzy!!

We have this couple of friends that organize their birthday together every year at the end of november. And we usually gather more than 40-50 people in a pub. This is a costume party, so this year the theme was "Sexy movie star"

i chose to be Sienna Miller in Alfie even though everybody thought i was Brigitte Bardot, so after trying to convince everybody that Sienna was actually a modern version of BB, that's why the similarity, i gave up. So in the end i admitted to be Brigitte, which i don't mind of course, i love BB.

we had a pre-party at our place, people had so much fun, they didn't want to leave for the actual party anymore :)

at about 12 we called the cabs and so lucky for us Mikael heard the noise of water…and surprise, our heater broke so the water was poring out of it. so here we are panicking trying to find the fuses which I did..hehe, i/m the man in the house. 

so my husband decided to stay home to keep an eye on the heater so i went by myself…couldn't keep Sienna/Brigitte at home, right? you will agree with me when you/ll se the pics :)


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