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Midsummer, longest weekend of the year

Midsummer, longest weekend of the year

Last weekend we celebrated Midsummer here in Sweden. It's the longest day of the year and turned out to last from Thu to Sun :)

It's not new for me but was very happy to spend it here in Swedish tradition: lunch with seal (which i DO NOT eat), vasterbotten pie (yummy cheese pie), strawberry cake (which i was suppose to bake and instead I bought a raspberry one) and lots of snaps (traditional drink) which you drink as shots and you sing to. And of course you always have a glass of some kind of alcohol by your side. So by afternoon you are, let's say, pretty happy :) 

here are some pics

Johanna arranging the lunch table

Me&Johan at our 1st beer

But sweeds are smart so to keep you going they have all this games going on like darts, bowling, cricket, quizes! So after all this activities we were ready to start all over again with BBQ&Beer... And of course we ended the night with poker.

negotiating the rules of the games

Playing cricket...trying to look very focused

Me&Johan performing the cricket dance

And I scored a 5 at darts!!! All the skipping at school were not in vain!

Calculating the score...

And the winner is...the great Alexander! 

Tack vare Janing familjen för en super trevlig midsommar!


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