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Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil

Last week I’ve been invited to the launch of Moroccanoil in Romania. I first heard about the product from my blogger-idol Elin Kling and of course I bought it first time I went to Stockholm. They have several products and I choose the Light version of the treatment. I will be honest to say that after I used it first time I really liked the texture of my hair, all smooth and silky but by the end of the day my hair got really flat at the roots. Something  was wrong here, either I used too much, either it’s not fit to my type of hair and so on, but I was sure it’s a good product. So I decided to go to the launch event here in Bucharest to find out more about it! And I did, and from the best, cause Kevin Hughes, leading hairstylist was there to give us the full presentation and demonstration of how Moroccanoil works. So I got all the tips i needed and I’m happily and correctly using now my treatment and really excited about the new shiny hair-spray and the rest of the products I want to get soon!

I was wearing: Acne jeans&boots, Chanel bag and don't no the brand but love it cozy cropped sweater


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