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My Thailand

My Thailand

As you might now I just came back from my winter vacation in Thailand. I know it’s spring but the truth is I started packing my bags way before Christmas but with a very hectic schedule at the office we had to postpone it until recently. So I still think at it as my winter vacation, a very long waited one. 


It’s not my first time in Thailand, we actually go there every two years to visit my parents-in-law that are retired there and usually to celebrate the holidays. And we always have such a great time. Everything from simply relaxing, enjoying time on the beach, eating delicious food, drinking coconut water, exploring new places or just smiling back to the people, Thailand is such an amazing place!


I could post nice pictures and describe all the amazing places I have seen but I was thinking how all of this could benefit you? So I decided to make several articles, like a small magazine - I guess I’m good at that - which I will post weekly, with my experiences, tips and suggestions about Thailand, on different categories like beauty, food, health, etc


Enjoy My Thailand!


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