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My weekend

My weekend

Always in love with weekends even thought I do not have the usual office job 9 to 5 and I always work but on my own time so my schedule is pretty flexible. But the weekend is always nicer that the week! And I don’t have to do much to appreciate it, a jog in the park with Kaila, lunch with my friends and movie with M it’s all I need to be happy! 

So here is how my weekend days look like:

morning cuddles with Kaila

healthy breakfast @ home

out in the park

lunch at Grano - one of the best restaurants in town in my opinion (Kaila thinks so too)

relaxing on the terrace


trying new recipes for dinner - vietnamese fresh spring rolls with peanut butter souce 

and finish off with a movie - a handsome Colin Farrell & not your every-day girl next door Noomi Rapace make a revenge couple in Dead Man Down


what do you think?


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