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Our big day

Our big day

First of all thank you for all the nice messages about the show on Acasa TV last night. 


It was a lot of fun to do it and I really appreciated their nice presentation about us, our home and some of the most important moments in our lives, which made me realize I never made any post on the blog about our wedding and I have so many nice photos! 


And as I was saying last night on TV when they asked me what is the best advice I can give to my followers I really believe the most important things for anyone is to find its own style and go for that. That will give you the strongest, sexiest and self-confident look!

And especially when it come to the BIG DAY, don’t try to experiment, that’s the worst thing you can do, so just go with your instinct and your style and don’t over due that either. And remember, this is not a relaxing day, you’ll be up at latest 8 am and probably go to bed in 24 hours so uncomfortable shoes&dress is the last thing you need. 



Long story short (being a incurable non-romantic) it was the perfect day, I felt&looked perfect, and that’s a hard job for anyone! And it all happened with the help of some pretty talented people! S here is how I styled up my wedding look! 


MAKE-UP, by make-up artist, Claudiu Anghel


EYES: It’s all about BB’s eyes—the cat eyes. Claudiu used a liquid eye-liner to create a thick line on the upper lash line that was connected to the lower lash line for a maximum impact. 

LASHES&BROWS: My lashes were given a dramatic volume for a sultry look while my eye-brows just got slightly touched with the same shade as my natural color.

LIPS: I really don’t like wearing lipstick so of course I would not want to terrorize myself during my wedding day. So BB’s nude lips with just a smudge of pink undertone were the perfect match for me.

CHEEKS: A slightly peachy blush was all I needed to warm up my complexion.

HAIR by hair-stylist George Soare


Always being slightly unsatisfied with my hair, either too straight either too curly, too flat or too much volume, to light, too dark. So yes, I could always find one reason not to be happy with my hair and usually that’s all in my head. But this time it was like a miracle, I think it took master George max 10 minutes to make my perfect BB up-doe. It was exactly how I wanted enough volume, rebel look and it held with me dancing like a maniac for the whole night. I was actually inspired more by the interpretation of Jean Paul Gaultier’s of BB look in his AW ’10 collection where Lara Stone looks stunning.

DRESS by Rosa Clara


Ah the dress was let’s say the catch of the day, a February day. When I was lucky enough to stop by Rosa Clara’s showroom exactly when the most beautiful dress arrived from Spain for the biggest bridal fair ever. I tried it and yes, it was perfect and I fell in love with my dream-dress. I am not a feminine dress-loving person but the amazing feeling of the light yet super voluminous silk organza made me feel really special and this was the exact feeling I wanted that day!


SHOES by Christian Louboutin and Flavia Stoian


Here things didn’t come so easy, even thought looking in my dressing i should be an expert in shoes. I had in my mind the perfect model and was lucky enough to go to New York 2 months before the wedding so it shouldn’t have been that difficult. But it was and I didn’t find the perfect pair and for that reason I wore this sky-scraper Louboutin only for the photo session 

...and after I changed into the more comfortable and fashionable sandals by Flavia Stoian, and yes, I danced all night long!

 ACCESSORIES from friends


Not being too much into traditions myself, my friend Daiana took care of that and decided to borrow me her sea-star necklace. I also wore a big black round ring which together with my black sandals gave me a bit of a personal rock-chic touch which I really needed not wanting to have a total princess look (especially in church with the crown on my head)


MIKAEL’s outfit by Z Zegna and Paul Smith


My husband was wearing a made-to-measure suit by Z Zegna that was a wedding gift from the designer itself, our good friend Alessandro Sartori that attended our wedding.

Both me and M were in a shoe-hunting in New York and he found the perfect pair at Paul Smith. 

And as accessory he wore a very special gift he received just before the wedding from his parents, a more than 200 years old family gold pocket-watch that belonged to his grand-grand-grand father who was the priest fo the King of Sweden and it fitted perfectly with his retro-chic look.

KAILA was of course there with us, wearing her beautiful golden soft&shiny fur, accessorized with an ibark gold collar



THE SET was a beautiful garden overlooking the lake (back then Aqua Restaurant) and all the decorations and the flower-bouquet were made by my good friend Ciprian Sipos.


THE GUESTS were my closest family&friends and here you can enjoy are more pictures with the beautiful wedding-crowd

 All the beautiful pictures were taken by Kathrin Weident, thank you!





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