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Out with my girls

Out with my girls

On Sunday my good friend Andreea I turned 30...yuppyyyyy, now I'm not the only one! Soon our other friend Andreea F will join :) So we can be all happy and old :)

So Andreea invited us to the new italian restaurant Osteria Gorgia where we had some delicious dishes and talked about lots of crap as usual.

It's my first night out for the Marni@H&M silk skirt which i simply adore. It just fits perfectly. I am wearing it with thick H&M grey tights, Marni sandals (which i got 2 summers ago from Rome), t-shirt from PNK and...somebody stooop me, for the fifth time in 6 days, the Marni@H&M collar :)

Enjoying a cup of tea with Andreea I

Checking facebook with Andreea F


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