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Plant-based diet - Day III

Plant-based diet - Day III

I’m a bit delayed with my postings because I had a signal-free weekend...Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and try to disconnect from your daily activities, and especially from your work with emails social media, etc. 

I’m this kind of person that doesn’t have working hours. I don’t go to the office from 9am-6pm and after I shut down my computer. No way. Im constantly connected with my work and my activities but that’s because I love what I do and my work is part of my life and vice-versa. Must be also connected to the way I am as personality, a bit hyper, always on the run, always doing something, so this kind of very active lifestyle fits me perfectly. But once in a while is good to slow it down a bit.

So anyway, I was out in the mountains in a lovely cabin, together with my family and had a great time. My dad visited us from Canada so we had lots to catch, so we had some nice food (i tried to stick with my plant-based diet but I admit I had a bit of cheese), nice red wine, I was smoking cigars my 84 year old grandmother, we lost Kaila and after looking for her in the woods for about 1 hour we found her in the yard under the porch, where she dig herself a very nice and chill place). 

So yes, the weekend even though I was disconnected from the civilization and technology was pretty intensive and entertaining! 



Breakfast: organic quinoa with almond milk

How to: mix milk, quinoa, cut few banana slices and spread some hemp seeds and coconut flakes for some sweetness 


Lunch: fresh pesto spaghetti

Tip: I ordered this delicious zucchini pasta from Barca 


Dinner: Red lentil with carrots and coconut milk

Tip: I made lots of the lentil soup the day before so I had the same for dinner, but was a bit different because it became more like a meal than a soup so that was a good twist.



Guilt-free snack  - a small bowl of cherries  - first time this year (I shared them with Miss K)



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